Wyatt Dowling Complaint Resolution Process

At Wyatt Dowling we are committed to providing you with an exceptional service experience. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we want to provide you with an opportunity to contact us should you have any concerns.

In order for Wyatt Dowling to resolve your concerns and complaints, please follow our escalation process below. For faster service, please have the following information ready before you start:

  • Your policy number(s)
  • The name(s) of any team members you have spoken to
  • The details of your concern

Step 1: Contact your Insurance Broker or Service Representative

If you have a concern, speak to your insurance broker, claims adjuster or representative from the department involved. This is likely the fastest way to resolve any issues.

Step 2: Ask to speak with a Team Lead

If your concern is not resolved, you should ask to speak with a team lead. Our Team Leads are committed to responding to you within one business day.

Step 3: Elevate your concern to a Branch Manager

If your concern is not resolved after speaking with the Team Lead, your concern can be elevated to a Branch Manager. Our managers are committed to responding to you within one business day. If the Branch Manager is not able to resolve your concern, you will receive a Branch Position Letter outlining the Branch's final position.

Step 4: Contact the Office of the Ombudsperson

If you have completed Steps 1-3, you can contact the Office of the Ombudsperson for an independent review (please note, the Ombudsperson will not review a concern that has not gone through steps 1-3 first).  This will be an impartial review of your concerns and complaints. The aim is to examine whether your file was handled fairly and appropriately. Our goal is to resolve your complaint within 10 business days, if further time is required, we will communicate this to you.

Please note that all complaints must be in writing and include the fields listed in the online form either through online submission or sent to the following address:

Western Financial Group
1010-24 Street SE
High River, AB T1N 2A7

While the Office of the Ombudsperson will make every effort to review each complaint, some matters may fall outside the scope of the office. These include:

  • Availability of insurance
  • Dispute settlement procedures as required by law or designated regulatory authorities
  • Matters that have been, or are before the courts
  • Rate increases filed with regulatory authorities

Claims Resolution

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