Frequently Asked Questions


What is an independent broker?

  • A person who represents a variety of insurance companies and who will assess your needs and develop an insurance plan tailored to meet your needs.

What is the difference between Broad & Comprehensive Forms?

  • Broad is All Risks on Buildings subject to policy exclusions, limitations and conditions and Named Perils on Contents.
  • Named Perils are: Fire & lightning, explosion, smoke, falling object, impact by aircraft or land vehicle, riot, vandalism, limited water damage, windstorm or hail, transportation, theft, escape of fuel oil and damage from artificially generated electrical current.
  • Comprehensive is All Risks on both Buildings and Contents subject to policy exclusions, limitations and conditions.
  • Do you have anything of value which is subject to a special limit or you feel should be specifically mentioned?
  • Property floaters are available for an additional premium to properly insure your valuables. Speak to our brokers today to learn what extra coverages are available.

What if my home was destroyed by fire & the cost of re-building was more than I'm insured for?

  • You should be sure that the limit of your insurance coverage is sufficient to cover the amount to re-build your home. Some insurance companies even offer Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage. The cost to re-build (including the ever-increasing price of materials and labour) will no doubt exceed the actual market value of your home.

What if my sewer backs up...would my basement be covered?

  • Your home policy may not cover damage due to sewer back-up. Plus, the area you live in could determine the premium cost or whether you qualify for any coverage at all. There are restrictions and conditions relative to damage caused by water.
  • To be sure you’re covered call Wyatt Dowling... we’ll be your port, in all kinds of storms.

What is a peril?

  • Causes of losses are known as perils. Your policy will list perils you are covered for – such as fire.

What is an exclusion?

  • Insurance policies do not cover everything. We can explain situations which would not be covered by your insurance. 

What is a deductible?

  • The amount you agree to pay per claim or accident toward the total cost of your insured loss. 

What is a rider?

  • You may have valuables which require extra coverages. We can amend your policy to suit your individual needs. 

I bought an "all risks" home insurance policy. Does that mean I'm covered for everything?

  • Unfortunately, not. Even the most extensive homeowners policy lists more than 30 exclusions. Our brokers are here to help further explain “all risk,” which is often used by insurance providers to describe the broader form of coverage. We can also help explain which perils are generally not included. 

I live with two roommates. Do we need separate home insurance policies?

  • Check with your insurance provider. Usually the companies limit two unrelated persons to be covered under one policy. However, individual policies protect you only and you alone are in control of submitting claims. A policy in two names would have a negative effect on both parties with respect to claims experience even if the property claimed for belonged to only one of the named parties. Remember, if only one of you purchases the policy in his or her own name, the other two will not be covered. 

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