Farm insurance coverage.

Your farm is not just your home but your livelihood, and farming isn’t like other businesses, which is why insurance plans are specially designed to meet farmers' needs.

After all; if you're found legally responsible for injuring someone or damaging their property, even something as innocent as your horse or dog being on the road, could lead to financial disaster. By having adequate liability protection through our farm insurance, you can be sure that your entire operation isn't directly impacted.

From hobby farms to large grain or animal operations, there are a wide array of programs providing coverage for the home, personal property, along with farm buildings, produce, livestock, equipment, machinery breakdown; chemical, feed and liability. Let Wyatt Dowling Insurance Brokers customize an insurance package that is right for your farm.

We can customize an Insurance Package for your Dairy, Hog & Poultry Farm. We also look after Beef & Grain operations.  

Coverage options

Fire only
Fire and extended coverages
Fire and extended coverages including replacement cost
All Risk including
replacement cost
Scheduled Items

What can be covered

  • Barns, Buildings and Other Structures located on your farm
  • Contents Coverage of property used in your farming operations
  • Farm Liability including attending farmers markets
  • Farm Machinery, Equipment, Tools and Parts
  • Feed, Grain, Chemicals, Fertilizer and Produce
  • Livestock

Have questions about your Farm Insurance Package?
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